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Aline Dargie’s Creative Workshop and Showroom: an Atelier

Aline Dargie is a creative force in San Francisco’s textile art community. She creates a totally unique product combining her singular vision with natural fibers and traditional techniques such as hand weaving and shibori dyeing to create yoga wear, one-of-a-kind evening attire, interior fabrics, sculptures and more.


Aline is a beautiful yogini and developed her yoga wear to deepen her practice. Her clothes are worn by leading yoga instructors and yoginis all over San Francisco.


Musicians like Carlos Santana and high tech executives throughout the San Francisco Bay Area have commissioned her one of a kind eveningwear. If your client is looking for something colorful, flattering and beautiful that will turn heads at the opera or La Folie, Aline can create custom garments for men and women. Also, her samples are creatively displayed and available for immediate sale.


If you are looking for something uniquely San Francisco, make an appointment for a personal meeting with Aline. Prices for yoga wear start at $40 and custom or off the rack evening attire starts at $300.


Aline collaborates with many of North Beach’s leading artists, craftsmen and retailers such as Al’s Attire and Jeff.

Aline Dargie


Please call, text or email anytime to visit




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Our Mission:

Make Hang Gallery (opened June 18, 2011), located in the historic North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, embraces Bay Area emerging makers of art objects. The co-founders and curators, Aline Dargie and Alan Robin, add a fresh and progressive voice to the San Francisco art scene. Make Hang is a unique space where 3 dimensional, tactile, art is made and can be explored. Our artists use form to create personal experiences through sight, touch, smell and taste. A special emphasis is placed upon artists who use ecological processes and upcycled, unexpected materials in their work. Make Hang Gallery is a place where our diverse community can come to create as well as enjoy, learn and add to their collections. As David Delgado, our first installation artist, described our aesthetic, it’s new, funky, weird but also classical.

Make Hang Gallery
450 Green Street
San Francisco CA 94133
(415) 571-4874

Open Hours:
-First Fridays in North Beach, art party! 6-9 pm
-Spontaneous times, Aline is there “full time”
-During events, listed on Facebook.com/makehang
-By appointment, please contact:
Aline Dargie (Creative Force)
call: (415) 571-4874
email: aline@makehang.com

Come on by and check us out!

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Make Hang’s
History and Context:

Make Hang exists in the oldest part of SF, in the overlap of 1960’s beat generation, Italian origins and the largest Asian community in America. We invite local emerging craft artists to work in the studio, creating dimensional, tactile objects and installations. Make Hang is completely artist-run and it enables and promotes contemporary underrepresented artistic voices.

In this time of booming technology, and economic angst, people yearn to create with their hands, but often do not have the resources. At Make Hang, supplies, tools and expertise are provided.

Make Hang’s space used to be a Chinese sewing sweatshop until 2010. Illegal immigrant workers made mass-produced clothing at all hours, living in the basement. We radically transformed the 2000sqft space with support and embrace of neighbors. In honor of its textile history, it’s now a sculpture laboratory and exhibition space for the artistically inclined, attracting many.


Have an idea for a show?
Are you and artist, curator or dreamer?

Email Aline@makehang.com

Include your idea or concept and your website, photos or examples of your work.

I will get back to you within a day or two, Alan and I really enjoy receiving creative proposals. We are very accepting and excited about new artwork by emerging, San Francisco based artists working in tactile, sculptural media, especially if the materials are recycled or ecologically friendly.

View More: http://webbery.pass.us/aline-alan