Air Warp

ALR_4823-2012-03-06-at-16-16-03 ALR_4848-2012-03-06-at-16-29-15Sculptural weavings and interaction by Aline Dargie, Photographs by Alan Robin

DSC0098Installation view of Air Warp at Make Hang

Aline Dargie is the Co-Founder and Curator of Make Hang. Aline makes weavings and sculptures every month in Make Hang’s textiles studio and woodshop, then hangs the latest and greatest in the storefront gallery space.

ALR_4740-2012-03-04-at-16-42-24 27_alr4671-2012-03-04-at-16-05-40Photographs by Alan Robin, styling by Jaems Zormier

March 2-30, 2012:
Aline Dargie Weaves San Francisco’s Fog in:
“Air Warp: Swing and Weave” at Make Hang Gallery

Swing on swings rigged to rafters, or relax in an upcycled denim woven hammock. Enjoy “Air Warp” tea and weave with Aline on the loom: whether you are young or old, you may add your touch and color to the next weaving at Make Hang.

Inspired by sailing through ocean swell flooding through the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco’s fog rolling over her hills, “Air Warp’s” driftwood-anchored silk and copper weavings are light and airy, swooping from the ceiling like fog, undulating as you float back and fourth on the swings and hammock.

Make Hang’s indoor art gallery playground will be in full swing March 15th, from 4 to 7pm, when Aline teaches a free, drop-in learn to weave class at her loom in Make Hang. This interactive installation will be on display at Make Hang until the Tie-Up closing party on Friday, March 23rd from 6 to 9pm, 2013.

7070060947_766c484cde_z 6923981200_782ae668a9_z 7070080989_f36d7a70c1_zImages by Michael Cuffe for Warholian, at the installation of Aline Dargie’s Air Warp weavings at Project One Gallery, San Francisco


Invitation to the Opening Party of Air Warp:

Air Warp Weavings, Opening party March 2nd, 2013, 6-9 pm, during First Fridays in North Beach! Come and experience what is fresh off the loom!

I have been weaving up a storm in Make Hang.
My loom is in the window if you have walked by in the past few months then you have seen this brand new body of work in the making.

“Air Warp” weavings are light, airy, draping from the walls and ceiling, like fog floating over and San Francisco, and burning off into the sky.

Walk into Make Hang, have a cup of tea and envelop yourself in textiles. Hang out in a hammock, or on the swings, floating back and fourth, and look upwards to treat your senses with textile delights.

Weaving demonstrations and free mini-lessons will be offered throughout the time the Air is Warping. Just ask how I made them, sit down at the loom and we will weave a new piece together.

I’m joyfully anticipating sharing these textiles with you as I finish up the weavings this week!

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