Aline Dargie


Aline Dargie is the Co-Founder and Curator of Make Hang. Aline also shows new textiles and sculptures in the gallery every month that she makes at Make Hang’s textile dye studio, weaving area, and woodshop.


Nested up in North Beach’s most beautiful hidden tree limbs are  objects from my guerrilla public art project around North Beach (Make Hang’s neighborhood). The images of the alley are taken right outside of Make Hang. The sticks are either fallen from trees or drifted in from the ocean to enter the city. The sticks are then gold/silver leafed, painted, carved, sanded, wrapped in string, and ‘Cultureitized’ in other ways, to represent cultural coverings like concrete, clothing and embellishment covering everything that enters or naturally exists the city. The sticks are then returned to natural trees or city trees, i.e. telephone poles and fences, and attached via string, in an act of weaving diverse cultural signifiers of North Beach together in her public spaces.


Aline’s “Viscous Minglings” sculpture series:

Sculpture & Textiles from this series can be seen sprinkled throughout Make Hang every month


An adventure may mean an unplanned walk around San Francsico, reaching for my sketchbook in my pack, or hiking up a foreign mountain with a compass to guide. I thrive on exploring and open-mindedly preparing for the unexpected. While I am wandering outdoors, I observe the topography of my surroundings and comb the earth for sustainable and uncanny materials to inspire art projects.


In my studio practice I weave textiles with gathered materials from my adventures. Iinstall these physical and metaphoric weavings in site-specific locations. The locations comment on the histories of the objects relative to where they are from. I pair disparate materials such as: hand woven fabric, blown glass, wood, and oceanic vegetation; colorful artifacts and gatherings from my world wide ventures. I prevent the objects from having a cohesive narrative because they’ve been displaced alongside materials with disparate narratives. When objects are displaced among one another in my weavings, unexpectedly beautiful relationships and meanings emerge, mapping my experiences. These weavings transform as connections are formed between layers of materials, altering liminal spaces in between. My practice is a net with many holes, pulling thingsalong as I travel, leaving many things behind along the way.


Some more objects Aline has made:


Intermingled Kelp

Indigo ikat weaving at Ocean Beach, San Francisco



Textile sculpture



Digitally printed soft sculptures, a multi sensory experience


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Inserting fallen ‘culturitized’ sticks back into the urban environment



Copper and indigo ikat dyed silk weaving at Slide Ranch



68 Pounds of clothing and textiles, the amount the average American annually discards.



Fuzzy Lorax Swings at Make Hang, modeled by Fariba Safai



Textured, seared polyester fabric sculpture, pictured by a wrought iron gate



Gold Life, gilded hands performance at Make Hang, april 2012, with Aline Dargie and Holly Furgason



Mandala, shibori dyed silk, stretched