Atsuko Morita

Atusko showed her Transitory and Cosmos series of photographs in June 2012 at Make Hang, alongside Llewelynn Fletcher’s  sculptural installation artwork. To see more of Atsuko’s work, click here

“Everything Changes” (June 1st to 22nd, 2012 at Make Hang) is a physically surreal double show of Llewelynn Fletcher’s “POWERPHERNALIA” inhabitable sculptures and Atsuko Morita’s dreamy “Transitory” pinhole photographs.

Moving glances of softened seascapes brush the walls as perceptions of space are transformed by queer howling, rumbling through cracks in the floorboards. Felt masks float upon your body as a chair rocks you with the waves.

With her work, Transitory, Atsuko Morita is attempting to show how nothing stays forever just like moving clouds, ocean waves or life itself. Her photography gives the pictures a surreal look almost like a dream. These chromogenic color prints capture the beauty of nature as seen through the pinhole camera. These original prints were made in the darkroom from a pinhole camera that she made herself.