Llewelynn Fletcher

Statement for “Everything Changes,” June 1st through 22nd at Make Hang

I have found that sound and space can be tools to accentuate silence and activate listening. The work exhibited at Make Hang Gallery in June 2012 is a new series called POWERPHERNALIA – an exploration of personal power through a range of materials and forms including garments (POWER SUITS), a rocking chair (POWER SEAT), and a series of felt masks (TRANSFORMATION MASKS).
I see these pieces as an exciting new expansion of my inhabitable sculptures made for listening to one’s own inner space and body. I am investigating the notion that both clothing & architecture are structures built around the body — merging a spatial, material, & physical engagement with questions of potential transformation and change. These structures shift our perception of our external vulnerability, and it is perhaps this perceived safety that can allow an increased vulnerability and receptivity, and with that an increased sense of possibility and power.

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