Imagine occult illusions of early 20th century, midwestern,
spiritualist camps, investigated through local, female artist’s absurd
installations and heartfelt textile sculptures.

Rachel Dawson, Holly Furgason, Amy Keefer, Rebecca Najdowski, and Anne Wolf explore mystery, deception, spirits and illness. Curated by Aline Dargie at
Make Hang, 450 Green St, North Beach, SF

Opening party with bloody mary cocktails, September 7th, 6-9 pm during
North Beach First Fridays. September 22-23, Noon-5, during the 5th
Annual North Beach Art Walk with wine tasting and artistic activities
for people of all ages, including crafting illusions, and dyeing
fabrics in natural indigo. Closing party October 5th from 6-9 pm, with
bloody mary cocktails and local north beach music.

Rebecca Najdowski’s Infinity Box #2, will be in the show, along with other illusion sculptures

For the Phantasmagoria exhibition Rachel Dawson created new works that explore the intersection of art and psychic processes. Motivated by along-standing interest in occult practices, this work investigates the activities of 19th and 20th century Spiritualist camps and the quest to see the immaterial through the perspective of contemporary art production.  From the standpoint of absurdity, this body of work explores belief, proof, fraud, illusion, and the smoke-like substance of the ethereal body called ectoplasm.